Our Story

Don’t be surprised if you feel a little like family when you visit Gnat Original Design. After all, WE’RE family.

Itzhak Gnat founded our Denver store in 1983 and Raz has worked alongside dad for more than 20 years. Much like the two generations working in our beautiful Cherry Creek North store, a second generation of customers now visit Gnat Original Design for our unique, custom-designed pieces. When Itzhak arrived in Denver from Israel in 1981 he brought a wealth of skills in graphic design and sculpting. But that wasn’t all: he had owned and operated a jewelry manufacturer in Israel, where he developed a deep knowledge in hand fabrication of fine jewelry. Two years after reaching Denver, Itzhak opened a trade shop that performed jewelry repair jobs for stores across the metro area. In short order, our shop became the “jeweler’s jeweler.”

Our jewelry

Repair wasn’t the only work being done, though -- Itzhak also was hard at work creating striking, custom-designed jewelry for a select clientele. Before long, word spread about the high quality and originality of Itzhak’s work and more customers started to ask for them. That’s when our retail operation expanded and eventually moved to its current location, 2703 Third Ave, in the heart of the prestigious Cherry Creek North shopping district.

Today, father and son create a beautiful array of custom jewelry ranging from classic to contemporary. While Gnat Original Design is well known for our exquisite engagement rings, we also craft one-of-a-kind pieces in the entire range of jewelry using precious metals, fine gemstones and certified diamonds. That’s not all. We pledge to search the world for you to find and offer unique collections from boutique jewelry designers. That extra effort helps Gnat Original Design stand out in the minds of discriminating consumers when we’re compared to other jewelers, many of whom carry the same mainstream brands.

Our commitment to you

We do something at Gnat Original Design that’s even more precious than diamonds in this day and age: Work directly with our customers. “Other places, a customer might tell a salesperson what they want and then the salesperson talks to the designer,” Raz says. “Here, you talk with Dad or I and we design it AND fabricate it. If you only have part of an idea, we can work with you to flesh it out. We’re great at translating a customer’s thoughts and ideas into reality when it comes to jewelry.” That personal connection, combined with our high quality craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction, results in jewelry that thrills with its beauty.

Gnat Original Design strives to always exceed your expectations when it comes to delivering value, offering the highest quality jewelry for the best price in the metro area. Have a question? We proudly stand behind our work, ready to help with a level of service that’s unmatched in the metro area, another example of the value you can count on when you visit us. No matter how much styles might change, one thing will never change at Gnat Original Design: our personal touch. “When you visit,” Raz says, “one of us is ALWAYS here. When you call, one of us ALWAYS answers the phone.”

Just like home.


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